Friday, February 7, 2014

“If I don’t like my today, I need to look into the mirror because I shaped it yesterday.”

For those who choose to move forward rapidly in life's unending challenges; you will not experience a pain free transition, but there is even a greater pain in life and that is staying behind.

Leaders will always be drawn to take up the challenge of advancing rapidly, just like Jesus 12 disciples who where caught up in a storm, the challenge was equal for all the men in the boat, but when Peter saw Christ walking on the water his focus changed from surviving the storm to walking on the water with Christ.

What are you challenged with today, you can allow the storm to hold you down or you can seek to do something that challenges your character

Friends there is a battle inside every living being, we contend with ourselves, we battle with the words of our critics and we are challenged with the content of our dreams, these facts will be there to tease you and even to mock you, but we need to put these opposing voices under our feet, you have to face that desire to conquer and you need to be elevated with courage. You need to know where you find your strength and you need to lean on the place of your strength (In my case the core of my strength is in Christ).

We can not cower behind excuses, but once you have decided to move forward you can no longer be drawn to your rear-view mirror, you must focus on what lies ahead a grow in character so that you can take on the unfamiliar, remember we do not like to be tested by that which is unfamiliar to us, we would rather take on an challenge that we have already conquered, so make up your mind and move on until you have reached the top step of your desired outcome.      

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