Friday, November 28, 2014


Determination calls for a positive attitude that monitors and addresses emotional behavior so that the outcome (desired objective and goals) always releases a highly productive and effective energy that is driven by commitment, teamwork, wise counsel and finally make sure that you and your team execute every move in a spirit of excellence and brilliant so that every move that is take will remain on coarse to the destination that you and those with you have purposed to accomplish

Determination is in constant need of the following requirements:

  1. Courage that involves wisdom
    • Monitoring and adjusting of personal courage
    • Monitoring and adjusting of team courage  
  2. Continues motivation 
    • Team motivation 
    • Self motivation 
    • Network or partnership motivation 
  3. Balance of both secular and private life, if the balance is out of sync then energy, enthusiasm and the effectiveness will come through and hinder the progress   
  4. Unity is essential, it is much like a rowing team stroke for stroke every person must give there best, if people can not work together they end up working against each other and the direction or outcome that was predetermined will be altered  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Words - words - words

Words - words -words

1. Are you a person of many words and little action?
2. Is your mind and heart taking account of all the words that float around in you and do you have a reliable personality that does not permit procrastination?

The difference between extraordinary people and ordinary people is the little “extra” that extraordinary people do more than normal people. And you are no different than the great people out there.

If you trained yourself to be a steward of your thoughts and your spoken word(s) then you will start to see that your inner vision will start to get external structure, you need to take what you are saying seriously and as you find ways to overcome procrastinating your words and thoughts you will become overly successful.

Consider doing the following daily:

1. Attitude: I will display the right outlook daily.
2. Priorities: I will act on the things most important to me daily.

3. Meditating: I will practice good thoughts daily.

4. Commitment: I will make and keep proper promises daily.
5. Faith: I will deepen and live out my faith daily.

6. Relationships: I will initiate and invest in solid relationships daily.
7. Values: I will embrace good standards daily.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014



Consistency is a character trait that everyone can work at, people who have disciplined themselves, who have worked wisely and who have consistently applied excellence to their day - to - day work load  will always over time move from success to success and from great to greatness. Consistency that is applied through the habit of excellence will bring stability, clarity, reliability and it will give you endurance to face every day with an energetic approach. Consistency passionately applied will cause  mediocrity  to be non - existent, the excellence that you apply continuously will cause you to stand out in the crowd, remember you must endure to prevail, many people start of with consistency but as time goes by they altar their values, make excuses, look for shortcuts and end up surrendering to average. If you want to move "fast forward on purpose" work daily on being consistent and work at those things that will guarantee success.

Those who make today matter will enjoy the blessings of a great tomorrow.  


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do not lose your enthusiasm

It is easy to get excited when and to suffer from enthusiasm overload when everything is going your way.

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win, many are those who gave up the first time round and few are those who refuse to let the current outcome determine their fate, it takes a deeper commitment to get your soul to back you in the next round of the battle.

Just take a moment to read this story about Diana Nyad and to think deeply about her enthusiasm and her positive attitude.

Florida - Diana Nyad has become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the help of a shark cage.
The 64-year-old Nyad stepped ashore in Key West on Monday just before 14:00 EDT, about 53 hours after she began her swim in Havana on Saturday.
As she approached the shore, spectators surrounded her in the water, taking pictures and cheering her on.
She swam within a couple dozen feet of the beach and walked on to dry land. She looked dazed and sunburned.
It was Nyad's fifth try to complete the approximately 110-mile swim. She tried three times in 2011 and 2012. She had also tried in 1978.
Her last attempt was cut short amid boat trouble, storms, unfavourable currents and jellyfish stings that left her face puffy and swollen.
I do not know what your setbacks are but I know if you get your act together and regain your enthusiasm that you will be able to move forward.
As for me I find my strength in Christ, He is the one who always teaches me that I can because He is with me, but I still need to convert the fears and doubts in my mind by responding in faith with enthusiasm and passion .    
Remember fear rules those who surrender to it, you do not have to become another statistic that has to bear the liable called "failure"    

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your soul needs traction

Your soul needs traction, it is your duty to deal with the coward mentality, if you do not instruct your mind and take on the challenges you will remain the product of where your mind currently lingers, where you linger is what you end up producing.

Boldness coupled with wise action gives you the traction to scale the walls of impossibilities and to accomplish that which seemed unobtainable.

Remember you can not change what you are not willing to confront.

Confronting your fears or doubts is an on going action and your mind plays a major roll in the actions that are required from you.
Let us take a look at the Seven Cs of Success (by Tom Morris)

                1. A clear CONCEPTION of what we want, a vivid vision, a goal clearly imagined.

                2.  A strong CONFIDENCE that we can attain the goal.

                3.  A focus CONCENTRATION on what it takes to reach the goal.

                4.  A stubborn CONSISTENCY in pursuing our vision.

                5.  And emotional COMMITMENT to the importance of what we are doing.

                6.  A good CHARACTER to guide us and keep us on the proper course.

                7. A CAPACITY to enjoy the process along the way.
My special tip; My life in Christ has transformed me from fearful to courageous, I have scaled the walls of impossibility and achieved greatness because of His presence in my life.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fast Forward on Purpose : “If I don’t like my today, I need to look into the...

Fast Forward on Purpose : “If I don’t like my today, I need to look into the...: “If I don’t like my today, I need to look into the mirror because I shaped it yesterday.” For those who choose to move forward rapidly in...
“If I don’t like my today, I need to look into the mirror because I shaped it yesterday.”

For those who choose to move forward rapidly in life's unending challenges; you will not experience a pain free transition, but there is even a greater pain in life and that is staying behind.

Leaders will always be drawn to take up the challenge of advancing rapidly, just like Jesus 12 disciples who where caught up in a storm, the challenge was equal for all the men in the boat, but when Peter saw Christ walking on the water his focus changed from surviving the storm to walking on the water with Christ.

What are you challenged with today, you can allow the storm to hold you down or you can seek to do something that challenges your character

Friends there is a battle inside every living being, we contend with ourselves, we battle with the words of our critics and we are challenged with the content of our dreams, these facts will be there to tease you and even to mock you, but we need to put these opposing voices under our feet, you have to face that desire to conquer and you need to be elevated with courage. You need to know where you find your strength and you need to lean on the place of your strength (In my case the core of my strength is in Christ).

We can not cower behind excuses, but once you have decided to move forward you can no longer be drawn to your rear-view mirror, you must focus on what lies ahead a grow in character so that you can take on the unfamiliar, remember we do not like to be tested by that which is unfamiliar to us, we would rather take on an challenge that we have already conquered, so make up your mind and move on until you have reached the top step of your desired outcome.