Tuesday, July 8, 2014



Consistency is a character trait that everyone can work at, people who have disciplined themselves, who have worked wisely and who have consistently applied excellence to their day - to - day work load  will always over time move from success to success and from great to greatness. Consistency that is applied through the habit of excellence will bring stability, clarity, reliability and it will give you endurance to face every day with an energetic approach. Consistency passionately applied will cause  mediocrity  to be non - existent, the excellence that you apply continuously will cause you to stand out in the crowd, remember you must endure to prevail, many people start of with consistency but as time goes by they altar their values, make excuses, look for shortcuts and end up surrendering to average. If you want to move "fast forward on purpose" work daily on being consistent and work at those things that will guarantee success.

Those who make today matter will enjoy the blessings of a great tomorrow.  


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