Friday, November 28, 2014


Determination calls for a positive attitude that monitors and addresses emotional behavior so that the outcome (desired objective and goals) always releases a highly productive and effective energy that is driven by commitment, teamwork, wise counsel and finally make sure that you and your team execute every move in a spirit of excellence and brilliant so that every move that is take will remain on coarse to the destination that you and those with you have purposed to accomplish

Determination is in constant need of the following requirements:

  1. Courage that involves wisdom
    • Monitoring and adjusting of personal courage
    • Monitoring and adjusting of team courage  
  2. Continues motivation 
    • Team motivation 
    • Self motivation 
    • Network or partnership motivation 
  3. Balance of both secular and private life, if the balance is out of sync then energy, enthusiasm and the effectiveness will come through and hinder the progress   
  4. Unity is essential, it is much like a rowing team stroke for stroke every person must give there best, if people can not work together they end up working against each other and the direction or outcome that was predetermined will be altered  

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