Monday, September 7, 2015

Create a legacy

Create a legacy 

In 1644 a child was born. He lived to be 93, he taught himself a trade and worked in excellence, he just had basic and primitive tools, but every day he focused on establishing very high standards for his product, he made sure that he was creating a personal standard of excellence for his craft 

Today this mans craft is on high demand even after more than 300 years have gone buy. This legends name is Antonio Stradivari – every expert knows that he violins are on the wanted list and they sell for extravagant prices  

Learn to transform your product into a product that stands out and you will move onto the wanted list, do allow your limitations to dictate your future every person can improve there product (service or skill), all you need is create your own personal standard and make sure that you find a way to execute your work in a spirit of excellence 

Remember you cannot change what you refuse to confront.

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